Core Beliefs

Hyr Medical was founded to disrupt (in a good way) the painful and broken system for freelance healthcare staffing that currently exists. Our core beliefs are outlined below.

  • A flexible and on-demand healthcare workforce is required to address growing shortages

  • Freelance healthcare staffing should be easy, fast, transparent and enjoyable (not painful!)

  • Technology, automation and industry insight must be combined to re-imagine and modernize the system

  • The agency middleman must be eliminated to reduce costs, provide transparency and increase speed

  • Rates must be transparent to reduce process friction and eliminate wage discrimination

  • Freelance physicians should be rewarded for being top performers and doing quality work

  • Agreements and T&C's should be clear and simple, with "no strings attached"

  • A fast process that rewards physicians will attract more and higher quality freelance practitioners

  • The freelance to permanent conversion fee should be low to encourage "try before you buy" behavior




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