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Manoj Jhaveri


Manoj’s SaaS Platform for the healthcare industry reimagines healthcare staffing from the ground up. The solution is the first cloud-based, SaaS platform that includes a large physician and advanced provider network, omni-channel digital marketing, intelligent matching, automated notifications, lightning-fast digital credentialing and staffing analytics. Hyr enables employers to “say goodbye” to staffing agencies and use technology and automation to empower their in-house recruiters and medical staff.

  • Healthcare Staffing Trends and Shortages

  • Healthcare Technology and SaaS

  • Locum Tenens, Freelance Docs, Healthcare Gigs, and Future of Work

Entrepreneurship, The Future of Work Technology, Gig Economies, and Healthcare/Medical Staffing

Let’s Talk About


Manoj is the Co-Founder and CEO of Hyr Medical (

Hyr makes building and joining quality clinical teams simple and rewarding! Hyr's SaaS technology platform and physician marketplace empower employers to streamline recruiting, expedite credentialing, reduce staffing costs and increase revenue.

Prior to Hyr, Manoj was a mechanical & industrial engineer at several Fortune 500 companies. He then spent 10 years as an innovation strategy & product development management consultant. Manoj was also a faculty member at Case Western Reserve University where he taught innovation management and marketing strategy.

Manoj loves playing, coaching, and watching basketball, playing golf, listening to podcasts while driving around town, running in the rain with music blasting, traveling the world, volunteering his time to important causes, and meeting driven and curious people.


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  • The Great Resignation in Healthcare

  • Gig Economies in Healthcare

  • Staffing Shortage Crisis in Healthcare and What We Can Do About It

  • Staffing Agencies vs. SaaS Self-Serve Healthcare Hiring Technology

  • Physician Recruitment, Retention, and Marketing

  • Digital Credentialing Technology

Topics For Discussion

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