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Our Story

illustration of a hospital using Hyr Medical's color scheme

Our Vision

A world without healthcare workforce shortages.

Our Mission

Hyr Medical's mission is to reimagine healthcare staffing by delivering unparalleled speed, cost savings, quality, and transparency.

Learn more about how we do this for physicians and for employers.

Our History

When co-founders Faris, Manoj, and Oliver teamed up in 2017, they recognized, even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, that the healthcare staffing supply chain was in serious trouble and needed to be reimagined from the ground up.


With healthcare systems and medical groups losing an average of over $9,000 each day per provider due to staffing delays and average staffing cycle times of three to four months, the team set out to create the world's fastest medical hiring platform. Period.


Today, Hyr Medical's platform enables healthcare employers to save millions of dollars per year in hiring expenses while dramatically reducing staffing cycle times and improving provider quality.

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