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4 Reasons Why Medical Credentialing Matters

Medical credentialing is a necessary step for both clinicians and hospitals and healthcare systems. Credentialing is defined as “the process of obtaining, verifying and assessing the qualifications of a practitioner to provide care or services in or for a health care organization.”

This process can be lengthy—sometimes even months long—and can significantly delay not only patient care and physician placement, but also revenue for the organization.

Although credentialing can be time consuming, it is necessary. Here’s four reasons why.

1. It prevents the healthcare system from losing revenue.

For insurance and reimbursement purposes, physicians are required to submit credentials and verifications to insurance. By not obtaining proper credentialing from healthcare professionals, organizations run the risk of delayed or denied reimbursements from insurance companies. This costly mistake could put the organization at a loss of thousands of dollars.

2. It reduces the risk of medical errors and increases patient safety.

Physicians who are credentialed are the most up-to-date experience and skills for treating patients, therefore reducing the risk that could come from a doctor who is not qualified. It also increases the trust between the patient and the provider, creating a more pleasant environment for all parties involved.

3. It ensures doctors remain vetted and a proper fit.

Before joining a network, physicians are credentialed to ensure that they are a proper fit for the organization. This sets both the physician and the organization up for success while giving the organization a competitive edge. Not only will your patient base increase, but more highly qualified physicians will be attracted to, and join, the organization.

4. It improves the organization’s reputation and hiring process

When patients are searching for a new physician or medical practice, seeing credentialed doctors translates to them as a trustworthy, reliable organization. By credentialing your doctors, you will also improve the hiring process by ensuring your organization is bringing top-tier physicians into its network.

Luckily, Hyr Medical has partnered with Axuall, a national digital network that that enables clinicians, healthcare systems, and primary source institutions to share and manage authenticated credentials in real-time. This partnership empowers physicians to manage their digital career identities while enabling real-time verification for employers through Axuall's extensive network of third-party primary sources.


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