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Bettermeant Health and Hyr Medical Partner to Provide American Healthcare System Covid-19 Relief

SAN FRANCISCO, July 15, 2020

Hyr Medical and Bettermeant Health have announced a partnership to provide the American healthcare system with over 750 healthcare providers in an effort to confront the high demand for flexible healthcare workforce employees amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bettermeant Health is a healthcare technology provider, offering mobile and web apps that serve as an intermediary between patients, providers, and other digital health solutions. Hyr Medical connects healthcare providers with healthcare facilities for freelance work. Together, they are tackling how quickly and efficiently providers are matched with high demand healthcare jobs.

Healthcare is undergoing a major revolution, and the current global pandemic has significantly increased the need for change and pace of advancement and innovation. It has also highlighted many of the vulnerabilities in the system; one major area of focus is healthcare staffing and credentialing. An elastic and on-demand system with short lead times is needed to react to areas of shortage as well as pandemics.

"Healthcare systems have a need for rapid workforce mobilization, and this need was amplified during the current COVID-19 crisis," says Dr. Faris El-Khider, Chief Clinical Officer at Hyr Medical. "Today, part-time and full-time freelance healthcare providers are playing a major role that goes beyond filling gaps, and into roles that are identical to those of permanent providers. We're excited about the opportunity to work with Bettermeant Health to bring our workforce solution to their clients utilizing technology and automated credentialing support to cut down on time for onboarding."

Freelancing is growing in popularity in healthcare as we continue to see shifting trends in medicine with healthcare providers seeking a more independent work environment with greater flexibility and a more diverse clinical experience.

"With the healthcare industry being revolutionized so rapidly, it is great to have this partnership in place to take care of our healthcare workers and help transition them into roles that are the best fit for them and to increase the resilience of our healthcare infrastructure," said Ahmed 'Eddie' Qureshi, Founder at Bettermeant Health.

Bettermeant Health is continuing to expand its partnerships rapidly in next-generation healthcare services. With the healthcare industry on its path to a more patient-centric on demand and personalized care, it is great to have another strong partnership in place to enable healthcare workers to transition to roles that are not simply a "one-size-fits-all".

The partnership will help increase the resilience of Hyr Medical's presence in the private sector in combination with Bettermeant Health's presence in the public sector to continue expanding the reach to all healthcare communities in the US.

Contact: Ahmed "Eddie" Qureshi

Bettermeant Health

Contact: Faris El-Khider MD MS

Chief Clinical Officer

Hyr Medical, Inc.


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