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Cleveland Health-Tech Startup, Hyr Medical, Continues to Fuel Growth in Healthcare Staffing Industry

CLEVELAND, October 2, 2019

Cleveland healthcare technology startup, Hyr Medical (, continues to grow and break funding barriers. On July 31st, Hyr Medical closed a $600,000 equity financing pre- seed round. Sources of funding include the Northeast Ohio Student Venture Fund and LaunchHouse, as well as numerous private angel investments. These funds will contribute to further online web app enhancements, mobile app development, operational costs, and expanded marketing efforts.

In addition, on August 14th, the Innovation Fund Northeast Ohio, the region’s most active pre- seed fund for technology-based startups, awarded a combined $225,000 to only 3 startup companies in the region. Hyr Medical received a large portion of the award, $100,000. The 0% interest debt award, is in it’s 48th quarter of funding and has assisted over 250 startups with over $15 million in funding.

Hyr Medical is poised to disrupt a currently disjointed and antiquated healthcare staffing economy. By transforming the way physicians and hospitals connect through a direct and transparent online platform, Hyr Medical promises reduced hiring cycle times for hospitals and increased pay for physicians. Enabling physicians and hospitals to matchup quickly and easily is important. But Hyr understands that leaning out the credentialing process and applying 21st century technology is critical to solving the staffing problem. Hyr has partnered w/ fellow

Cleveland-based startup, Axuall, on pilot efforts that will bridge this gap and utilize a blockchain-based credentialing network of asserters, verifiers and subscribers.


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