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Clinician Burnout and Gender: Which Suffers More?

Which gender suffers more clinician burnout: male or female?

According to a new study published in JAMA Open Network, female clinicians experience a higher rate of burnout than their male counterparts. The study also finds clinician burnout is directly related to poor usability of electronic health records (EHR), local work culture factors and more.

Researchers from Duke University surveyed 1,310 attending physicians, advanced practice providers (APPs), and organization staff. The study concluded that female clinicians:

  • Report more burnout than their male colleagues

  • Spend more time in the EHR and had more appointment days

  • Do not report having more patient encounters

  • Do not have more inbox messages than male clinicians

  • Report about the same amount of after-hours EHR time as their male counterparts

The authors of this study suggest that local work culture factors, such as commitment and work-life balance, may contribute more to burnout than metrics of EHR usage.

These days, clinician burnout is not uncommon. Hyr Medical gives physicians a new way to design a lifestyle with freedom and flexibility to reduce burnout and increase productivity.

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