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Five Benefits of Locum Tenens Work

As a physician, imagine a world where you can work, where and how you want. Seems like a far-fetched dream, right? You can make that dream a reality by becoming locum tenens, or a freelance, physician.

Locum tenens are physicians who fill vacancies in hospitals and other healthcare intuitions with part-time, short-term work. These assignments can occur anywhere from a few days to several months, and can be in any part of the country so long as the provider can obtain the proper credentialing.

If you’re still not convinced, we’ve compiled a list of five of the benefits to locum tenens work that you may want to consider.

1. Extensive Flexibility

One of the most obvious benefits of locum tenens work is the increased flexibility. Whether you want to work up north in the summer and the south in the winter (we don’t blame you!) or work seven days on and seven days off, you’ll have this control over your schedule and the ability to achieve the work-life balance that you desire. You can pursue the opportunities that are best suited for you.

Many locum tenens providers also experience significantly less physician burnout because of this freedom. After a tough year on the frontlines of the pandemic, physician burnout is on the rise like never before. As a freelance physician, you’ll find that the flexibility and control creates a more satisfied workplace which in turn increases the patient experience.

2. Opportunity to Travel/Explore

Another no-brainer is that becoming a locum-tenens provider allows you to travel more. When you’re not tied down to one position, you have the freedom and flexibility to pick up freelance work in hospitals across the country. Additionally, having the control over your schedule will give you more time and availability to travel for pleasure, and just not for business. If you’re looking for a career that will open the world up (literally) to you, locum tenens work is just for you.

3. Attractive Compensation

If the “ticket to anywhere” isn’t enough to sway you, consider this: locum tenens provider often receive above-average pay. Locums providers typically make a higher hourly rate than permanent full-time physicians. In addition, as a locum tenens provider, you are considered an independent contractor and taxed accordingly, meaning many of your expenses can be written off.

4. Reduced administrative duties (avoid workplace politics)

One of the leading reasons for physician burnout is the amount of administrative duties that are part of the job when working full-time in a hospital setting. As a freelance provider, you’ll not only avoid these duties but also any additional workplace policies that can come with it. Locum tenens get back to the basics of doing what they love: caring for others and practicing medicine

5. Increased experience

Finally, if you’re looking to not just travel and make more money, but truly expand your skillset and become more valuable in the medical industry, locum tenens work is for you. By traveling to new places and learning new systems, you’ll gain experiences you never could have by staying in one place. This exposure to different practices will benefit you in the long run, should you ever consider going back to full-time work.

Did we get your attention? Are you curious how you can become a locum tenens provider? Hyr Medical, a freelance physician and healthcare systems staffing platform is here to help.


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