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How to Create Your Physician Career Plan

These days, it’s easier than ever to chart your own path in the medical field, and the options are essentially endless. From going back for additional schooling like an MBA or MPH, to selecting a specialty, physicians are faced with more choices than ever.

Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA, President and CEO of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, says becoming a physician is no longer a clear-cut path.

“Now, however, there is so much volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in the US sick care system of systems that physicians need a better plan to navigate the turbulent waters,” he says in his article.

For physicians struggling to find their path, Meyers offers eight steps that will “take them from mindset to awareness to decision to action and continuous improvement and development.” These steps include creating a personal and professional plan, starting with the end in mind and working backwards, experimenting, networking and more.

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