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Hyr Medical Announces Innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Business Model

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Hyr Medical, an on-demand staffing network for physicians and healthcare employers, announced its transition from a transactional business model to a software as a service (SaaS) model.

Healthcare systems and groups can now SKIP THE AGENCIES and directly and cost-efficiently recruit and credential quality physicians. No placement fees or markups - just a flat, low monthly SaaS fee.

Physicians are empowered to earn higher salaries and wages and experience a digital, transparent, and streamlined hiring process without middleman markups. The transition comes amid other changes, including significant enhancements to its web and mobile applications, as well as key new hires, new marketing strategies and a new market facing website.

“At Hyr, we pride ourselves in our ability to learn and adapt”, said Manoj Jhaveri, CEO of Hyr Medical. “We have combined elements of a marketplace and SaaS business model to create the fastest medical hiring platform, while keeping cost and quality top priorities. We are offering customers a solution that is 10x better than the status quo.”

The company also announced partnerships with PM Pediatrics, GAPS Health and Relias Healthcare. These “lighthouse clients”, or early adopters of the new SaaS platform, will provide additional requirements and enable Hyr to rapidly implement additional enhancements to their solution.

The new business model also warrants raising a capital round to support technology development, operations, and marketing. The team plans to close this financing round by April 2022.

“Hyr is reimagining the healthcare staffing industry from the ground up with our new and improved business model,” said Jhaveri. “I am confident that throughout the course of this year, Hyr will become a new must-have platform for healthcare employers and physicians alike.”


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