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Hyr Medical Integrates Axuall’s ‘Digital Wallet’ Credentialing Into Its Network

Hyr Medical Integrates Axuall’s ‘Digital Wallet’ Credentialing Into Its Network to Enhance Speed and Quality in Healthcare Staffing Marketplace

CLEVELAND, August 2, 2021Hyr Medical, Inc, an on-demand staffing network for physicians and healthcare employers, announced today it has fully integrated into Axuall's workforce intelligence network to reduce application, credentialing, and placement delays for its members and partners. Designed to meet the skyrocketing demand for elastic models of care, the combined offering empowers physicians to manage their digital career identities while enabling real-time verification for employers through Axuall's extensive network of third-party primary sources. Hyr, a marketplace of more than 1,200 physicians and 30 healthcare systems and medical groups, will leverage Axuall’s ‘digital wallet’ credentialing solution to share and manage authenticated credentials in real-time, all while meeting NCQA and JCAHO regulatory standards.

“At Hyr, we pride ourselves in our ability to match quality physicians & APPs looking for a more flexible lifestyle with healthcare employers that need additional support,” said Manoj Jhaveri, CEO of Hyr Medical. “Our physicians who are Hyr Certified are extremely vetted, and we are pleased to once again raise the bar for medical and physician staffing around the country. No other clinical workforce solution offers a comparable benefit for physicians and healthcare hiring managers.”

The process of acquiring data from physicians and verifying their credentials can require months to complete, significantly delaying patient care and revenue. Working together, Hyr’s and Axuall’s solutions not only dramatically reduces onboarding and enrollment time but streamlines the secure sharing of digitally verified credentials between clinicians, authorized verifiers and organizations that require this information quickly to meet patient demand, ensure clinical coverage and maximize revenue capture. The technology also enables healthcare organizations and health plans to better plan and manage their networks by leveraging more timely and comprehensive data about their workforce.

“Timely, accurate, and verified provider information, whether to plan, recruit, hire, or deploy, has become increasingly critical to the logistics of healthcare,” stated Charlie Lougheed, Axuall CEO. “We’re thrilled to work alongside Hyr Medical as they leverage our network to empower their clinicians and develop smarter and more adaptive care models for their customers.”

Physicians & APPs who register for free with the Hyr Medical network can set up their Axuall digital wallet in less than 15 minutes, and have a comprehensive reusable set of verified credentials that meet industry standards. The data is refreshed daily, so the credentialing information is always up to date. Hyr also covers the cost of the provider’s digital wallet on Axuall.

About Hyr Medical, Inc.

Hyr Medical is an online staffing platform (web and mobile app enabled) that enables physicians, advanced practice providers (APPs) and healthcare employers to connect directly and transparently for freelance work (locum, part-time and telehealth). They combine a large, vetted network of physicians & APPs and healthcare employers, with an intelligent matching engine, automated notifications, streamlined processes and lightning-fast digital credentialing technology.

About Axuall, Inc.

Formed in 2018, Axuall, Inc. addresses the national imperative to improve access to quality healthcare by helping to eliminate unnecessary inefficiencies in workforce deployment. Axuall is a national digital network that enables clinicians, healthcare systems, and primary source institutions to share and manage authenticated credentials in real-time. With this, we empower health systems to accelerate the time-to-deployment of qualified healthcare professionals, while at the same time reducing physician burnout.


Heather Kramer, Marketing, Hyr Medical Inc.



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