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OhioX Podcast: Faris El-Khider, Co-Founder & CCO at Hyr Medical

September 9, 2020

by Chris Berry, OhioX

Faris El-Khider, MD, says he is 60% doctor, 40% data nerd. In addition to being a Cleveland Clinic trained gastroenterologist, Faris is also Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer of Hyr Medical. Hyr Medical is building a web-based marketplace to tackle a major healthcare problem: By 2025, the United States will have a shortage of over 100,000 Physicians and 1,000,000 Nurses. Faris has been in health care industry in 3 different continents since the mid 2000's. He completed his internal medicine training at Detroit Medical Center / Wayne State University, where he also served as Chief Resident, then Associate Program Director and Assistant Professor. During that time, he obtained a Master of Science (MS) focused in Clinical Research Design and Statistical Analysis from University of Michigan, then joined Cleveland Clinic as a gastroenterology and research fellow under a grant from National Institutes for Health (NIH). He met his current Co-Founder after moving to Cleveland and showing up at a Hack-a-thon. And since then they've been building Hyr Medical, an online platform that connects doctors and hospitals for freelance work.

In this episode, we talk with Faris about his career in medicine, why he showed up at a hack-a-thon, and how technology can solve some of medicines biggest problems.

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