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Return to Normal: Why Physicians are Rethinking the Future

Many professionals across industries have been working remote for well over a year now. As the COVID-19 vaccine has allowed for restrictions to loosen and a sense of normalcy to return to everyday lives, many companies are expecting their employees to return to work full time.

While some may look forward to the coworker interaction and work outside of their homes, others may feel an overwhelming sense of concern. For physicians and others in the healthcare industry, after spending the last 18 months on the frontline of the pandemic, returning to “normal” is likely a difficult reality.

Even before the pandemic, healthcare workers faced a high level of burnout, which has only increased since early 2020 due to increased hours, hectic schedules, staff shortages, lack of adequate equipment and PPE and more. In addition, hospitals and other corporate entities have acquired nearly half of U.S. physician practices. This will significantly alter the job market for physicians and cause a temporary reduction of both starting salaries and practice options for doctors.

Rather than return to normal work, many physicians are considering alternative options, like part-time work or changing to locum-tenens positions. As a locum-tenens provider, physicians take back control of their lives and enjoy greater autonomy, freedom and flexibility. Now, physicians can work when, where and how often they’d like.

The freelance economy is on the rise, and physicians are getting on board. At Hyr Medical, we help physicians and hospital systems alike reap the benefits of flexible staffing. Our technology platform accelerates the critical matching and credentialing processes, while providing providers with upfront visibility into rates, facility locations and more.


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