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Bettermeant Health and Hyr Medical Partner to Provide American Healthcare System With Over 750 Healthcare Providers in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

July 15, 2020 

Hyr responds to COVID-19 crisis with workforce mobilization program

March 19, 2020 

Northeast Ohio Innovation Fund awards Hyr Medical $100,000 

August 23, 2019 

Andrew Karpie, Research Analyst w/ SpendMatters interviews Hyr's CEO

December 4, 2019 

Hyr Medical connects doctors with freelance opportunities

September 8, 2019 

Hyr Medical launches pilot across 12 hospitals in North East Ohio

June 14, 2017 

Cleveland healthcare tech company takes staffing to a Hyr level

June 11, 2017 

Hyr Medical takes 1st at HTC Pitch Night during OHTec Tech Week

April 24, 2017 

Hyr named Finalist for Most Promising Tech Startup by GCP

June 15, 2020 

Hyr Medical, Axuall partner to pilot digital provider credentialing

January 13, 2020 

Sunil Pandya, MD/MBA and Spencer Liebmann promoted to C-suite

March 24, 2019 

Hyr continues to fuel growth in healthcare staffing industry

Oct 2, 2019 

Hyr Medical's CEO shares origin story with partner BioEnterprise

October 1, 2017 

Northeast Ohio Innovation Fund awards Hyr Medical $25,000

June 12, 2017 

Hyr Medical takes 3rd at National Medical Capital Innovation Competition

April 27, 2017