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Meet the Team

With over 100 years of practice management, clinical, and technology innovation experience, we are always challenging the status quo in healthcare.

Hyr Medical's diverse team fosters strength, creativity, and determination. We represent a unique mix of physicians, MBA's, technologists, industry experts, and serial entrepreneurs. We try new things, fail fast, iterate, debate, and challenge one another.

Co-Founders & Executives

Manoj Jhaveri Headshot

Manoj Jhaveri, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Faris El-Khider headshot

Faris El-Khider, MD

Chief Clinical Officer

Oliver Cullis headshot

Oliver Cullis

Chief Product &

Technology Officer

Team Members

Heather Kramer headshot

Heather Kramer

VP Marketing

Mohamed Ismail headshot

Mohamed Ismail, CPA

Accounting Director

Joseph Mutidjo headshot

Joseph Mutidjo

Sr. Software Engineer

imran nuri headshot

Imran Nuri

Marketing & Brand Manager

Abdur Muhammed headshot

Abdur Muhammed

VP Software Engineering

Drew Holland headshot

Drew Holland

Business & Technology Manager

Araav Patel_edited_edited.png

Araav Patel

Software Engineering Associate

Milan Jain_edited.jpg

Milan Jain

Business Associate

Clinical Advisory Board

Sunil Pandya headshot

Sunil Pandya, MD/MBA

VP Hospitalist Services

Ravikanth Vydyula headshot

Ravikanth Vydyula, MD

VP Pulmonary &

Critical Care Services

Joe Johnsey headshot

Joe Johnsey, MD/MBA

VP Emergency Services

Utpal Dhruve headshot

Utpal Dhruve, MD

VP Psychiatric Services

Laura DeWitt headshot

Laura DeWitt, MD/MBA

VP Anesthesia Services

Ketul Patel headshot

Ketul Patel, PharmD

VP Neurologic Services

Jurgen Runschke headshot

Jurgen Runschke, MD/MBA

VP Surgical Services

Patel, Zamip.png

Zamip Patel, MD

VP Surgical Services

Strategic Advisors

Matthew Miller headshot

Matthew Miller

Senior Venture Partner

Healthcare at JumpStart

charlie png.png

Charlie Lougheed

CEO at Axuall; Co-Founder of Explorys (IBM Watson Health)

Nancy Tinsley headshot

Nancy Tinsley, RN/MBA

CEO at The Innovation Accelerators; Former Hospital Executive

Gene Groys headshot

Gene Groys

CSO at MedaSync Software; Founder of OnShift

Nick Barendt headshot

Nick Barendt

Case Western; Former Director at LeanDog Software

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