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4 Predictions for Technology in the Healthcare Industry

Ready or not, there are new ways to provide patient care. Spurred by the pandemic, technology has thrusted itself to the limelight. While many say it’s about time, others think it’s moving too fast. Either way, technology in the healthcare industry is here to stay.

For several reasons, including the pandemic, physicians and other healthcare workers are leaving the industry, causing a severe staffing shortage when they’re needed most. Filling those holes take time, but in the interim, there are tools that hospitals and healthcare systems can take advantage of to help relieve some of the burden.

Published first on MedCity News, we take a look into the five predictions for how healthcare will transform in 2022 due to technology.

  1. More innovations are coming to reduce burnout. As physicians and other healthcare workers feel the extreme weight of dissatisfaction after two years in a pandemic and other typical causes of burnout, the technology industry is listening. Many of the issues that cause physician burnout can be alleviated with the right technology.

  2. AI tools will cater to clinicians differently. It’s not one size fits all. While the industry may seem flooded with new tools, and the learning curve seems steep, clinicians will gravitate towards tools that help and don’t hinder.

  3. Technology will help close the healthcare inequity gap. Patients in rural areas who once did not have access to quick and proper healthcare now can, thanks to telehealth.

  4. Precise treatment solutions will become more readily available. Technology is transforming the legacy care delivery models. New advancements are making waves in the way physicians diagnose, treat and prevent disease.

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