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Hyr Spotlight: Meet Tagan Horton

Tagan Horton, known as TheTagan, is a storyteller translating knowledge through data, marketing and technology. Currently, she is a podcaster and tech innovation strategist. She founded Founders Get Funds, a podcast and newsletter, helping founders get funds together by sharing information on the culture of money. As the co-host of "The Lay of The Land", a weekly podcast mapping tech innovation in Cleveland, she supports Cleveland's entrepreneurial community. She is committed to being a bridge for a global entrepreneurial community.

She developed as an economic thought leader, while studying International Studies at Spelman College. She studied abroad in Senegal to gain hands-on experience in economic development by interning with a women's Rotating Credit and Savings Association (ROSCA). Following her trip, she wrote a senior thesis in English and French outlining a theoretical framework on "The Impact of Mobile Banking and MFIs on Entrepreneurship in West Africa."

She grew as a leader in the Venture For America Fellowship (VFA) as the Co-Lead for build21, VFA’s Black affinity group, and the Entrepreneurship Lead for Cleveland’s Community Leadership Council. She is developing as a tech product leader through gaining skills in Product Management, R and Python. Lastly, she is at the edge of innovation by gaining knowledge in Non-Fungible Tokens, Podcasts and Quantum Technology.

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