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OhioX Profile: Manoj Jhaveri, Co-Founder & CEO at Hyr Medical

August 6, 2020

by Chris Berry, OhioX

Job: Co-Founder + CEO at Hyr Medical

City: Cleveland

Hometown: Chicago Suburbs

Q: What do you do at Hyr Medical?

Hyr Medical’s mission is to transform and modernize the $15B healthcare staffing industry and enable an elastic, on-demand workforce. Through our web platform and mobile apps, we provide upfront transparency into practice locations, automatically match and notify providers and medical practices and automate portions of the credentialing process.

Q: What’s a problem that you are working to solve?

At Hyr, our “why” is simple and powerful: Create a world in which space and time are no longer barriers to providing and receiving quality healthcare. In the USA, we really don’t have a healthcare provider shortage problem… we have a mismatch and allocation problem! So the problem statement: “how do we efficiently determine where the needs are and match supply and demand, very quickly, at a low cost and at scale?”.

Q: What’s a lesson you’ve learned that has helped shaped your work?

The people you have on the team and the culture that leadership cultivates overrides everything else…“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” - phrase originated by Peter Drucker. In addition, I’ve learned from the Netflix/Reed Hastings story that it is much more effective to think of ones company as a “team” versus a “family” – very powerful!

Q: What’s a trend in technology or innovation that you believe doesn’t get enough attention?

I think both during COVID and after COVID is contained, the following areas will shape healthcare: 1. Virtual care delivery, 2. RPM – remote patient monitoring, 3. Workforce mobilization, and 4. Sterilization technology. Hyr’s strategic advisor, Dr. Sunil Pandya and Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Faris El-Khider really educated me in these areas and opened my eyes to the potential here going forward.

Q: What’s one moonshot idea that could help make Ohio a world leader in technology and innovation?

I’m very passionate about the power and influence of education, real work experience/apprenticeships and access to professional networks. I think that Ohio should significantly expand programs such as the Ohio Development Services Agency's (ODSA) Diversity & Inclusion Internship Program.

Hyr has used this program already to bring on a total of 5 interns; and the state of Ohio subsidizes 2/3rd of their salary. We also need to do even more to provide programs like this to underserved communities; I believe the ROI is massive and once one young person is positively impacted… it has a domino effect on others in their network.

Q: What’s a recent book, podcast or news story that you found interesting?

Start With Why by Simon Sinek. It made an immediate impact on me in terms of understanding that leadership is about BOTH having a strong vision of the future AND effectively communicating how to get there. If either one of these elements is missing, the organization will not be successful.

Q: What's your favorite place in Ohio?

The Lakeside Chautauqua gated community near Sandusky – very different vibe, on the lake, so peaceful, great food (check out my friend Ben Linville’s vegan restaurant “Bluebird” while you’re there!)

Q: What makes Ohio special to you?

I’m a midwestern guy at heart, and I love the diversity of people and seasons in Ohio. Add to that the professional sports, great food, arts scene and Playhouse Square.

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