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Physicians Shift from Independent Practice to Larger Hospital Settings

The medical staffing industry has been changing in different ways for years now, but a historic shift occurred last year when the industry saw fewer physicians working in independent practice. New research by the American Medical Association suggests that the “shifts toward larger practices and away from physician-owned practices have accelerated.”

Why the shift? Burnout has been a leading reason, as physicians can struggle to find the balance between administrative duties and caring for patients. The study also reports that although the pandemic has impacted the healthcare industry in numerous ways, the impact of COVID-19 on physician practice arrangements will require further research later in 2021.

The Association’s Physicians Benchmark Survey found that:

  • 50.2% of physicians were employees of hospitals or larger institutions, up from 47.4% in 2018 and 41.8% in 2012

  • Hospitals are one of the largest employers of physicians, with the proportion increasing nearly 50% between 2012 and last year.

  • Among the group of physicians working for someone else, 56.5% are women and 70% are under the age of 40.

  • Because the majority of physicians working for someone else are under 40, the study suggests this trend will continue for years to come.

As the medical industry continues to make waves and shifts, physicians are looking for different ways to practice that reduces burnout and increases freedom and flexibility in their work life. Hyr Medical helps physicians do just that while giving hospitals and medical practices new, flexible staffing resources.

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